Kids Leathercraft Projects – Think Mother’s Day & Father’s Day!

I've been meaning to post these for solidly three months now, but with an ever growing batch of photos to process and items to post and ship, and all those other things that the multi-hat-wearer small business owner does, it just kept getting pushed down.

In my three days between our order ship deadline and Christmas, I brought my daughter into the studio to work on some projects.  Since I started Moxie & Oliver in 2004 I have been making leather gifts for pretty much everyone in my family - at every holiday, birthday, mothers/fathers day - and I figured they were pretty much sick of it.

So what's a girl to do with three days left before Christmas and a big immediate family to make presents for? Well, since I clearly couldn't make any more leather presents for people, I decided to have my daughter do it.  She will be six in June, so by starting her with a few Moxie & Oliver DIY leathercraft kits and letting her use a sharpie instead of the branding iron, I figured she could complete a few pieces that would be treasured.  The bonus of a piece of art done by your kid on leather is that it will last forever and you can use it, rather than storing it in a box for sentimental amusement later on (like you do with all those drawings kids do!!).

She made a pouch for my mom to carry her pencils in, a passport case for my dad, three wallets for her dad (my husband), my stepdad, and my mom's current partner. She made cuffs for my stepmom and my stepdad's wife, and a journal for my brother.

My favorites are the first wallet and the pouch - I honestly expected her to do something a little more figurative on most of the pieces but there's something uniquely satisfying about the modern art approach she took.  With Mother's Day and Father's Day approaching, I think our DIY Leathercraft Kits would make a GREAT way to get your kids involved in making a gift that mom or dad will cherish.   You can complete them just with sharpies, but we used sharpies, paints, dye and topcoat (all are available in our shop).  I've let my son (who turned three yesterday) do some drawing on leather as well and he loves it.

Happy Crafting!  And if you want a kit for a piece you see in my shop but not in the DIY Leathercraft Kits section, let me know! I'm happy to make it for you.



wallet front 2 wallet back 1wallet front 1 wallet back 3

wallet back 2wallet front 3wallet trio
cuffs 1

passport case inside
passport case front passport case back journal front journal back pouch 3 pouch 2pouch 1

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  1. All stuff are looking beautiful !! Best option to give a gift on day of mothers day and fathers day.

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