About Moxie & Oliver

I started Moxie & Oliver to bring durable, artfully distinguished leather goods to the world

Booth78.port.1Have you ever made a purchase that you were so happy with at the time, only to have the item fall apart on you just months after? Or, have you ever gone looking for a belt, guitar strap or purse and thought they needed some color or pattern? If you have, then you understand exactly why I started Moxie & Oliver.

In 2004, after buying countless belts and purses that broke after just a few months of use, I decided the best way to find a belt and a purse that would withstand the test of time and that would reflect my personal style was to make one myself.  I have a background in art (a degree in, among other things, Interdisciplinary Visual Arts and a long history of taking art classes from local studios, even running an art camp as a kid) but no training in leather.  Young, optimistic and adventurous, I bought some supplies and taught myself.

I am so proud to say that over a decade later I've reached expert status.  In 2015 my book, Leathercrafted, was published by Fons & Porter. I also teach leathercraft classes out of my Seattle studio, hoping to inspire a new generation of leatherworkers.  Last, and certainly not least, I've created a line of leather goods that you can collect - they break in, not down.  Each piece softens as it ages and develops a wonderful patina, and our attention to detail and time-tested construction methods ensure that the piece you purchase is heirloom-quality.

When you buy a Moxie & Oliver piece, you are purchasing an original piece of my artwork through and through.  From start to finish each piece is constructed in our studio, and the pattern on each is free-hand branded and painted by me.  I certainly hope that you enjoy using your Moxie & Oliver piece as much as I have enjoyed making it!



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