Make American Human Again

Dear Americans, Despite my better judgment, I've been reading your posts on Facebook. I've been reading articles, I've been reading my text messages.  I've been asking people how they are doing and listening to the answer.  And what I'm hearing is so much fear.  Are you afraid of what is going to happen in the next...
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The Morning After

I had planned to write a blog post last night, the eve of the election, detailing my thoughts on the last few months:  the deepening divide that I have been seeing on Facebook, in my real life, and in the world between those who supported Hillary and those who supported Trump.  One of our neighbors...
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Artist’s Work-Life Balance

At the end of the summer our nanny left.  She found a full-time job teaching in a school nearby, and with my son starting preschool, we had a really hard time find a part-part-time caregiver for our kids.  My mother, in one of her bouts of infinite wisdom, suggested that I just take care of...
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