Can you use a guitar strap with a bass?

Can you believe how long it's been since I last posted? It's been months.  My silence wasn't silence, so much as all my words and time were directed elsewhere- as is normally the case, all my attention was put towards making, shipping, answering convos, and giving the post office a piece of my mind, for holiday orders.

I answered a lot of questions in November and December.  Like, a lot.  I lost my virtual voice in January and I think I've now regained the ability to speak.  In the "Hi, I'm buying a gift for my _____ who plays _____" questions, there were quite a few that went like this:

"Hi, I'm buying a gift for my wife who plays bass.  Can you use a guitar strap for a bass?"

BECAUSE WOMEN WHO PLAY BASS ARE AWESOME.  And also, one of the last straps I made this season was one with various pieces of historical American political literature on it, for a man, to give his wife, who awesomely is a history and politics buff and plays bass.

The answer is this: YES, you can use a guitar strap for a bass.  The attachments are universal so it will certainly work from that standpoint. BUT, there are some things to consider.

First:  Is the strap long enough?  Usually a bass guitar is played lower than a regular guitar.  If you have an existing strap on the bass, measure it to the length that it is adjusted at (most straps are adjustable) and make sure that it fits within the range of the strap you are considering purchasing.

Second: Is the strap wide enough?  Usually a bass is also heavier than a regular guitar (I've had customers ask if the strap will hold a 10lb bass!) and a wider strap will disburse the weight over a larger surface area and will be less likely to dig into your shoulder.  A 2.5" wide guitar/bass strap really is the minimum you should be looking for.  Of course, a wider strap disburses the weight even better - I've made them up to 4.5" wide.

Third: Is it padded? If you get a good, sturdy, vegetable tanned leather guitar strap (careful of chromium tanned straps!  They stretch and won't hold weight as well) then you may not need it to be padded.  However, if you're dealing with a really heavy instrument then you might want to either have it padded, or add a shoulder pad with padding.  Neoprene padding works really well and is quite durable.

I hope that helps!  Late last year I expanded the Moxie & Oliver guitar strap offerings to include various widths and lengths.  Of course, custom widths, lengths and padding are all available by custom order request - just send an email to with your request.  If you're ready to shop for a guitar or bass strap, just click here:

Take me to the awesome Moxie & Oliver Leather Guitar Straps!

But also - here are a few of the custom straps I made this holiday season that were inspired by movies.  My favorite is the last one - inspired by two movies that I recently watched with my family, Coco and The Book Of Life.  It's no secret that I love day of the dead imagery, so to make custom strap incorporating themes from these movies, for a kid to use with her first guitar, was such a treat.  I hope you enjoy it!


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