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Thoughts and musings about being an artist and mother from Caitlin, owner of Moxie & Oliver.

The Morning After

I had planned to write a blog post last night, the eve of the election, detailing my thoughts on the last few months:  the deepening divide that I have been seeing on Facebook, in my real life, and in the world between those who supported Hillary and those who supported Trump.  One of our neighbors...
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Artist’s Work-Life Balance

At the end of the summer our nanny left.  She found a full-time job teaching in a school nearby, and with my son starting preschool, we had a really hard time find a part-part-time caregiver for our kids.  My mother, in one of her bouts of infinite wisdom, suggested that I just take care of...
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No More Craft Shows (+ Custom Guitar Straps)

You know last year how I said that there were big changes that would impact my year-end inventory and year-end sale this year?  I was telling the truth. In 2015 I did 12 craft shows. In 2016 I did six, and there are no more on the list for the rest of the year. I have...
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Pursuit of Imperfection

It's been a while since I've written, but I'm still here. Election years are weird for artists.  We talk about it online on the forums - sales generally are lower during election years as uncertainty about the future of the country translates to uncertainty about money and people hold on a little more tightly to their...
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