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Thoughts and musings about being an artist and mother from Caitlin, owner of Moxie & Oliver.

Custom Leather Journals (+ Kids Leathercraft Projects!)

I've been wanting to share these custom leather journals with you for a while.  Since Christmas, actually, when my daughter made NINE Moleskine Journal covers to give to her grandparents and aunts and uncles. She was almost exactly six and a half when we did this project, and I really wish my husband didn't have the...
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Paleo Vanilla Cake with Strawberry Frosting

April is BIRTHDAY SEASON at my house.  When I say this to people at first they are dismissive - one or two birthdays does NOT make a season.  But starting on March 28th, the birthdays happen.  Starting on March 28th and ending on April 13, the following people in my family have birthdays: my father,...
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The Morning After

I had planned to write a blog post last night, the eve of the election, detailing my thoughts on the last few months:  the deepening divide that I have been seeing on Facebook, in my real life, and in the world between those who supported Hillary and those who supported Trump.  One of our neighbors...
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