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Take a look inside the studio with these posts from Moxie & Oliver.

Custom Leather Journals (+ Kids Leathercraft Projects!)

I've been wanting to share these custom leather journals with you for a while.  Since Christmas, actually, when my daughter made NINE Moleskine Journal covers to give to her grandparents and aunts and uncles. She was almost exactly six and a half when we did this project, and I really wish my husband didn't have the...
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Kids Leathercraft Projects – Think Mother’s Day & Father’s Day!

I've been meaning to post these for solidly three months now, but with an ever growing batch of photos to process and items to post and ship, and all those other things that the multi-hat-wearer small business owner does, it just kept getting pushed down. In my three days between our order ship deadline and Christmas,...
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A Custom Guest Book for Rosy Revolver

In February my husband and I will celebrate our ten year wedding anniversary.  In January, we will have been together for twelve years.  I cannot imagine life without him, and yet I cannot describe why I fell in love with him.  It was just this feeling when I looked into his eyes for the first...
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