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Kids Leathercraft Projects – Think Mother’s Day & Father’s Day!

I've been meaning to post these for solidly three months now, but with an ever growing batch of photos to process and items to post and ship, and all those other things that the multi-hat-wearer small business owner does, it just kept getting pushed down. In my three days between our order ship deadline and Christmas,...
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A Custom Guest Book for Rosy Revolver

In February my husband and I will celebrate our ten year wedding anniversary.  In January, we will have been together for twelve years.  I cannot imagine life without him, and yet I cannot describe why I fell in love with him.  It was just this feeling when I looked into his eyes for the first...
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Defining Handmade Part 2: Amazon vs Etsy

A few weeks ago the Amazon Handmade Marketplace was launched. I immediately went into panic mode and started adding items to my shop.  I had been sitting on an open, empty, storefront for weeks - it's a lot to manage three websites where you have to manually input items and since Amazon Handmade wasn't...
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Moxie & Oliver’s “Smokey” Pattern Being Made!

I'm often asked about the font in my Smokey pattern - can I make it bigger? Are there other fonts available?  Do you have other stamps? Can I show a mock-up before doing the inscription?

I would say most people assume that the "Smokey" pieces are done on the computer and then laser-engraved on the leather.  Some people assume I'm using stamps.  But, very few people actually know what I really do, so I want to share it with you.

Here's a video of one of my Smokey Guitar Straps being made.  This is the first video that I have made, all by myself.  A student asked me a month or so ago to make one, and I bellyached about who could film me, how I could get it made, etc., before finally deciding - I have a smartphone and a smartbrain, and I think I can figure out a way to do this myself.

And I'll tell you what - it feels so much better to do this myself than to have someone else doing it for me.  That way, next time someone asks for a video instead of thinking to myself that "I can't do that" I can proudly say "I CAN!"