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The Oklahoma Guitar Strap + Shackles of a Sketch

Some months ago I got a request for a custom Oklahoma-themed guitar strap.   The request started with the Oklahoma State Flag (which, I admit, I didn't look that closely at before I said I could put it on the strap, and it turned out to be much more complicated than I initially anticipated) and...
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Personalized Guitar Straps for Acoustic Guitars

I'm in bed trying to settle an unsettled stomach.  My workout today was swimming, so in mid-afternoon I went to the pool.  It felt great.  I was bouncing back and forth between the ends of the pool with strong arms and flexible shoulders. But then I started feeling really, really, nauseated.  I rested, tried another...
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Origins of the Ukulele (+ some custom ukulele straps)

I had always known that Hawaii was a bit of a melting pot, but there were some things that I just kind of assumed were always here,  like ever since the very first Polynesians managed to navigate their way through thousands of miles of ocean to land on a little tiny archipelago. But they weren't....
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What Style of Wallet Should I Buy My Husband? (Boyfriend, Father, Brother, etc.,)

I've amassed a lot of knowledge about a subject I never intended to know anything about: Men's Wallets.  More specifically, this knowledge is focused around gifting wallets to men.  After thirteen years of helping wives, girlfriends, daughters, and friends buy wallets for the men in their lives, I've noticed that most of them have no...
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