Custom Guitar Strap Round-Up

This holiday season was insane.  Can you tell by my silence?

We shipped almost 500 pieces between Thanksgiving and Christmas and almost all of them were made to order.

And a substantial number of them were guitar straps.  If I had to estimate, I would say fully half of the pieces we shipped were custom guitar straps.   This feels like an amazing accomplishment to me - years ago I decided that all I wanted to make was guitar straps, and over the last year it has truly seemed that my business is heading in that direction.  I've never been very good with the music myself, but I have always appreciated it.  And I truly, truly, love that I can make a piece of artwork that another artist can use in his/her own art.  It's lovely.

So in no particular order here are some of the guitar and ukulele straps I made this Christmas season.  Enjoy! And please email if you have a request for a custom guitar strap (or anything else leather) of your own!


3 inch monogram strap 2 3 inch monogram strap 3 3 inch monogram strap 3 inch wood cross strap 4 anchor smokey 2 anchor smokey 4 flightpath ukulele 1 flightpath ukulele 2 harbinger green 2 harbinger green 5 lucky ukulele 1 lucky ukulele 4 monogram strap chocolate 3 monogram strap chocolate ohana strap 3 ohana strap 4 poppy smokey blue 2 poppy smokey blue 5 rebecca ukulele 1 rebecca ukulele 4 REM strap 1 REM strap 5 shamrock ukulele 2 shamrock ukulele smokey sakura red 1 smokey sakura red 5 sunrise strap 2 sunrise strap 4 tree strap 1 tree strap 4 turtle hibiscus 1 turtle hibiscus 3

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