Custom Leather Journals (+ Kids Leathercraft Projects!)

I've been wanting to share these custom leather journals with you for a while.  Since Christmas, actually, when my daughter made NINE Moleskine Journal covers to give to her grandparents and aunts and uncles.

She was almost exactly six and a half when we did this project, and I really wish my husband didn't have the staunch ban on photos of our children winding up on the internet because I have some darling photos of her in my studio in the dark evenings of winter, painting her little journals.

Basically I gave her nine of my Leather Moleskine Journal Kits , Sharpies and paints and let her run wild.  I did tell her that the had to pencil everything on the journal first, before drawing in the Sharpie just so that I could minimize the amount of "Mom, I made a mistake. Can I get a new one?" that I heard.

After many long days in the studio together, eating mac and cheese and making things, these are the journals that she came up with. In no particular order, shown both in the front and back.

This year I did the dyeing and assembly for her (well, maybe my assistants helped on some... it was the holidays), but I had her practice some dyeing. I think that next year, maybe with a little extra practice, she'll be able to do that herself.

I've recently had a wave of journals to make.  And bible covers - lots of bible covers - since I added them to my Customleathergifts Etsy Shop.  Here some of my recent custom Moleskine Journal Covers (since I haven't made one for myself in ages):

The first two are actually a set - the light one says "AM" on the spine and the dark one says "PM" -- it's an adorable pair and I wish I knew what they were used for!  They used artwork provided by the customer, as did the next two (the fourth one from the top has the addition of some of my flowers for a bit of color).  The bottom one is my work, and it's probably my favorite.  There are cattle egrets all over the place on Kauai and it reminds me of them. They follow golf carts through the grass, I assume eating the bugs that the cart kicks up.  Whatever they're doing it's adorable and this journal reminds me of them, so it makes me smile.


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