Free Triangle Coin Purse Pattern!

I signed up to be that art docent at my daughter's kindergarten class.  Where it is easy enough for me to figure out a project to do with her every now and then when she wants to come into the studio and be my little helper (I'll post pictures of the pieces she made everyone for Christmas soon, I promise) it's a little harder to try to figure out a project that I can do somewhere other than my studio and that only takes 40 minutes - with 22 children.

When I started teaching classes a kind fellow leather worker sent me a little triangle pouch and a letter, telling me he was glad that I was keeping the leatherworking tradition alive.  I saved both.  The little pouch is an older pattern made of one piece of leather with snaps that you fold into a triangle and can use for coins or other small things.  I keep my Square reader in one.

The pouch was perfect - no assembly on site would be required, and it wouldn't take the kids too long to decorate it.  I assumed that I could just copy the pattern for the one that he sent.


I thought I got it pretty well copied but the snap placement was slightly off and since the leather had been folded into the pouch shape for some time, it was hard to get a good tracing.  No worries, I am sure someone had one online.

Wrong. Again.

These leather pouch patterns are hard to find! I managed to find a pdf of one in an old leatherworking book but  when we made it the snaps didn't line up correctly.  I found a website that said they were giving one away for free but they never sent it.

So, I made my own.

I couldn't justify paying for one since I'm a professional leatherworker and I make all my own patterns.  But after I made it, I thought - why not share it? So if you're so inclined you can:

Download your free triangle coin pouch pattern here  -- Triangle_pouch
Buy a DIY Leather Triangle Coin Pouch Kit

They make great projects for kids, too - bring them to class if you're an art docent, or try them at a birthday party!  Any child who can hold a pen or paintbrush can complete one with their own artwork.  The kids at my daughter's class loved the project so much many of them asked for a second one to do  and almost all of them gave me a hug as I was leaving.  It was adorable! Now I have to figure out another leathercraft project for kindergartners we can do next month....


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