Guitar Strap Purse Straps

In the last few months I've had several requests for guitar strap purse straps - apparently this is the newest trend that I'm totally unaware of?

Trust me, there's always a trend that I'm totally unaware of.  That's what happens when you spend all your time in your studio making things, and outside of studio time is all spent raising children.

But just because I'm unaware of something doesn't mean that it isn't completely awesome. I'm LOVING this idea.  A few years ago I figured out how to convert a guitar strap to an awesome belt, so another use for these gorgeously patterned pieces of artwork is always welcome.

Here are two of the custom pieces that I've made recently - I'm happy to turn any of the guitar straps on my site into a guitar strap purse strap.

I have also been working on a few purses that are designed to coordinate with our guitar straps.  The first is the Petal Lace Purse, which is designed to have the Petal Guitar Strap used as a purse strap with it (though it comes with the option of a solid color, thinner, strap).

The cut-outs on the bag flap are all done by hand and echo the pattern in the petal guitar strap. I love the sophistication of this bag, and the funky, playful style that the strap brings to it.   This timeless piece is the one that daughters will want to "borrow" from their mothers -- and vice versa.


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