Personalized Guitar Straps for Acoustic Guitars

I'm in bed trying to settle an unsettled stomach.  My workout today was swimming, so in mid-afternoon I went to the pool.  It felt great.  I was bouncing back and forth between the ends of the pool with strong arms and flexible shoulders. But then I started feeling really, really, nauseated.  I rested, tried another lap, and then realized that swimming wasn't in the cards for me today.  I've been flat on my back for the last five hours, alternating between sleep and editing listings.

As I look through this gigantic folder of photos of things I have made and that I need to list somewhere, or at the very least, that I need to share, I am constantly amazed by how many of them are personalized guitar straps for acoustic guitars.  There are so many.  A lot of them are variations on pieces that I already have listed, but there are new patterns, too.  I want to keep my site cleaner and dedicated to the pattern families that I have created, so last year I opened Custom Leather Gifts on Etsy.  The name was 100% chosen for SEO reasons so the shop is exactly what it sounds like - full of custom leather gifts.

Which means that Custom Leather Gifts has the best selection of Moxie & Oliver personalized guitar straps for acoustic guitars, electric guitars  and banjos (just choose option 1 on any of the guitar strap listings and it will work with a banjo!). The straps in the Custom Leather Gifts shop are all designed to be personalized (and they are shown with an example personalization).  Keep in mind, though, that I can also personalize any of the handmade leather guitar straps on with a name, inscription, or custom colors/images.  If you'd like something customized feel free to send me an email! Caitlin at Moxieandoliver dot com

And did you know I really love to see these personalized guitar straps in use? I do, truly.  So please tag @moxieanoliver when you share on social media!



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