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Custom Pieces

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  • knowledge journla 4

    Knowledge Moleskine Journal

    Rustic and worldly, the Knowledge Journal has an antiqued tree on the spine full of leaves (some falling) and a quote of your choosing underneath.  Choose the words where you find knowledge, inspiration or comfort and we will personalize this journal for you, giving you a treasured place to write all your thoughts.  Like all Moxie & Oliver journals, this piece is refillable so when you run out of space you can start fresh with your beloved journal cover and a fresh journal insert.
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  • rebecca camera strap 5

    Smokey Rebecca Camera Strap

    When I was a teenager I was rarely seen without a 35mm camera slung around my neck.  And where a photographer's favorite piece of equipment is the camera, the photographer's favorite accessory is (or should be!) a great camera strap.  Because each Moxie & Oliver camera strap is handmade from full-grain vegetable tanned leather, they will soften as they age and last a lifetime.  This one is in the Smokey Rebecca pattern with a hand-branded inscription of your choice and soft, art nouveau style dogwood flowers and leaves on the ends.
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  • smokey-passport-3

    Smokey Passport Case

    Protect your passport and give it a unique beauty with a handmade leather passport case by Moxie & Oliver.  The Smokey Passport Case is personalized with a custom inscription (up to 500 characters) and because it is constructed from full-grain vegetable tanned leather, it will soften as you use it and last for a lifetime of journeys.
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  • turtle-and-hibiscus-ukulele-strap-3

    Turtle and Hibiscus Ukulele Strap

    A Hawai'ian classic, the Turtle and Hibiscus Ukulele Strap has a few little turtles with bright yellow hibiscus flowers and bubbles on it.  The strap comes with the option of adding a name/inscription of your choice so you can personalize this unique piece. Because this  strap is the same width as our standard guitar strap (2.5") you get lots of beautiful pattern as well as support while you're playing!
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  • il_570xn-1113681193_mj08

    Nasty Woman & Bad Hombre Leather Cuffs

    Remind yourself what you stand for with one of our custom wrist cuffs.  These started with Nasty Woman and Bad Hombre, but by popular demand we've added Pantsuit Nation, Stronger Together, and Love Trumps Hate. Each cuff is handmade from full-grain vegetable tanned leather (in the USA of course!) and are available in four colors.  You  can also choose to have these cuffs made with a custom inscription (political or otherwise) of your choice -- just leave it in the "inscription" box and we will personalize it for you!
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  • Moxie Stars

    Custom Wallet

    Custom Wallet
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  • Moxie Stars

    Custom Guitar Strap

    Custom Guitar strap
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  • find me mighty 2

    Find Me Here Mighty Wallet

    Have you ever wanted a folding wallet that fit in any of your pockets?  I designed the Mighty Fold style wallet to fit in a front pocket, back pocket, or jacket pocket and to have the style of a traditional bifold wallet.   The Find Me Here Mighty Fold allows you to personalize the front with coordinates of your choosing - where will it find you?
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  • find me trifold antique black 3

    Find Me Here Trifold Wallet

    Create a totally custom piece with the handmade leather Find Me Here Trifold Wallet.  This personalized leather wallet allows you to choose a short inscription and a set of nautical coordinates to personalize the outside of the wallet.  Choose the place you first met, where your kids were born, or any location of sentimental importance and we will customize the piece for you.
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  • smokey ukulele 5

    Big Smokey Ukulele Strap

    Our most loved guitar strap is now available for ukuleles! The handmade leather Big Smokey Ukulele Strap is a vegetable tanned tooling leather strap that measures 2" wide and the pattern is created by your own custom inscription (up to 200 characters). Because each inscription is branded by hand, each strap has the art and soul of subtle variations in the writing and has the distinction of being a unique work of art.
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  • Moxie Stars

    Custom Guitar Strap

    Custom Bag Strap
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  • Moxie Stars

    Custom Phone Case

    Custom Phone Case
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