Leathercraft Classes

Leathercraft Classes

Come spend a few hours or a few days in the Moxie & Oliver studio and you’ll be amazed at what you can create!  No prior experience with leatherwork is required and many of our students describe themselves as “not artistic” and are amazed at what they can create during one of our classes.

We offer several types of classes:

Project Classes:  These classes start you with a pre-cut project and focus on adding artwork (branding/burning, painting and dying) and assembly, including hand-stitching, adding rivets, buckles and snaps.  Students are encouraged to bring sketches of the designs they would like to transfer to the pieces they make during the class.  Class times range from 2-7 hours depending on the size of the project.  Students will leave with a finished piece.

Skills Class: These classes focus on building the skills necessary to complete a project from start-to-finish on your own.  In the full and half-day classes students will learn about the unique properties of vegetable tanned leather and how to choose the right leather for their project.  Students will select the leather for their project and use a pattern to cut and punch the pieces for their project (pattern construction is covered in the two-day Handbag Design & Construction Class only). Students will then add pattern and color using branding tools, paints and dyes, and then will learn assembly techniques such as riveting, hand-sewing, adding buckles and bag closures.  Students will leave with a finished piece.

Private Classes & Events: A private class is ideal for anyone whose needs are different from the standard course offerings.  Private classes allow us to focus on a particular skill or project, or schedule a class at a time that works for your schedule.  Private classes can be one-on-one instruction or for groups.  A leathercrafting class makes a great corporate team building event or party.

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  • Make a Leather Book Cover (Project Class)

    During this four-hour class you'll learn how to add your own personalization to the cover for a guest book, sketchbook, journal, bible or book cover and you'll take home your completed piece the same day!
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  • Make a Leather Clutch (Project Class)

    Spend four hours in the Moxie & Oliver studio and create your own custom clutch purse! Starting with pre-cut leather pieces, you will learn how to permanently add color and pattern to this unique material as well as hand-stitching.  At the end of the class you will go home with a finished piece.
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  • Make a Leather Wallet (Project Class)

    Choose the style of wallet you'd like to make and let your imagination run wild when adding pattern and color! In this two-hour workshop you will learn to permanently add color and pattern, set hardware, and hand-stitch your beautiful piece.  At the end of the day you'll go home with a finished wallet!
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  • Leather Gifts & Small Projects (Project Class)

    You'll be amazed at what you can make in two hours!  The Gift & Small Project Workshop starts you with a pre-cut piece and you'll learn how to permanently add color and pattern, assemble your project, and go home with a completed piece!
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    Leather Bag & Purse Making (Project Class)

    Starting with pre-cut leather pieces, our project-focused Leather Bag & Purse Making Workshops allow you to focus on adding pattern and color to leather bag that you will take home the same day.  During these full-day workshops you'll learn how to permanently add pattern and color to your leather projects as well as the basics of hand-sewing and assembly.  No previous experience required to create your own masterpiece!
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  • Private Classes

    If none of our group classes fit your schedule or your needs, I do also offer private leathercraft instruction.  You can purchase private instruction for yourself so that I can guide you through a specific project, help you get set up in leathercraft, or answer questions when you get stuck on your artistic journey.  Private classes also make a wonderful and thoughtful gift for the artist or crafter who is interested in adding leather to their material repertoire! Price is per hour of instruction.
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  • Handbag Design & Construction (Skills Class)

    During this two-day workshop participants will design and create their own vegetable tanned leather handbag.  No prior experience is necessary, and each student will learn the basics of leathercraft including pattern making and design.  Students are encouraged to bring sketches and ideas, and I will walk them through the pattern making process in addition to teaching the skills of our Intro to Leathecraft class
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  • Introduction to Leathercraft (Skills Class)

    This full-day workshop is a little more intensive and participants have the option of creating a larger, and more complicated, piece than in the half-day workshop. Participants will learn about tools and materials used in leathercraft including pattern making, pyrography (branding), carving, dyeing,  finishing, hand-sewing and adding basic hardware.
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  • Get Started Workshop (Skills Class)

    Learn the skills you need to start a leathercraft hobby in our four-hour Get Started Workshop.  During this workshop you'll learn about vegetable tanned leather and how to work with it, and go home with a finished piece.  Also a great class for those who have already experimented on their own and need a little extra help.
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