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  • Hive Guitar Strap

    Inspired by the impressive construction and organizational skills of the bee, the handmade leather Hive Guitar Strap has neatly organized honeycomb shapes with bees in them running up the body of the strap.  The warm colors give it a golden-honey tone.  Available in two styles to work with acoustic and electric guitar, bass, banjo or dobro.
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  • Meadow Tote

    Handmade from a durable and lightweight tooling leather, the Meadow Tote comes in three sizes to suit your every need.  Our totes break in quickly and become soft and slouchy.  The Small and Tall Totes also pack flat, so are a great travel companion.  The Meadow Tote has a radiant pattern of bees and flowers on it that always says spring!
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  • Meadow Wristlet Wallet

    When you need to carry a few things and also want your hands free, there is no denying the need for a wristlet! The Moxie & Oliver Wristlet Wallet combines the convenience of a wristlet with the organization of a wallet - it has four credit card pockets and a long slot for cash, or your phone on the inside.  The wrist strap clips on and off, and it has the Meadow pattern - a radiant design of flowers, honeycomb and bees on the outside.
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  • Meadow Crossbody Bag

    Constructed with equal attention to functionality, durability and beauty, our Crossbody Bags come in two sizes, each designed to hold your necessities.  The Meadow Crossbody has a radiant pattern of flowers and bees that both reflects the organization and the beauty of nature.
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  • Leaf Guitar Strap

    The silhouette of a leaf skeleton has always been a fascinating form to me - the delicate nature of it, the remnants of life, ready do disappear at any moment.   So when I started carving stamps, I started with the leaf skeleton, and it is my original hand-carved stamp, hand printed on the Leaf Guitar Strap, that creates this pattern.  Available in two styles to work with acoustic and electric guitar, bass, banjo or dobro.
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  • Meadow Guitar Strap

    Radiant patterns of flowers, honeycomb and bees create the design for the handmade leather Meadow Guitar Strap.  The warm colors bring life and energy to the pattern.  Available in two styles to work with acoustic and electric guitar, bass, banjo or dobro.
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  • Meadow Pouch

    A twist on a classic envelope clutch, our handmade leather pouches come in a variety of sizes so you can keep everything you need close at hand.  The Meadow Pouch has a radiant pattern of bees, flowers and honeycomb on it in warm colors.  Each pouch starts out flat but develops dimension and softens as you use it so you can enjoy it for years to come.
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  • Meadow Mandolin Strap

    Inspired by a sweet forest clearing, the handmade leather Meadow Mandolin Strap has flowers, honeycomb and bees on it in warm colors. A wonderful accessory for your favorite mandolin!
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  • Melissa Mandolin Strap

    With an instrument as lively as the mandolin, your instrument strap should have just as much life and personality.  The Melissa Mandolin Strap has flowers and bees covering the entire piece for a sweet art nouveau meets country look.
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  • Bee Line iPad or Kindle Case

    Protect your tablet with a handmade leather iPad or Kindle case in the Bee Line pattern.  This handmade leather tablet case has a large flower with bees and honeycomb on the front - a pattern inspired by Metis beadwork. It opens like a portfolio to reveal a silicone insert to securely hold your iPad or Kindle in place.

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  • Melissa Moleskine Journal

    Our handmade Moleskine covers allow you the flexibility to choose your favorite insert, and the ability to refill them when you run out of space.  The Melissa pattern combines flowers and honeybees on the front for a journal that is perfect for the gardener or bee-lover.
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  • Melissa Travel Bag

    The biggest and best of our purses, the Melissa Travel Bag was modeled after a vintage stewardess bag.  These large purses are perfect for everyday use - they are lightweight, and with just a little breaking in they become a slouchy hobo-style bag that you'll never want to be without!  This one has bees and flowers on it, creating timeless and unique pattern on both sides.
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  • Geared Mighty Mini Wallet

    Unique among minimalist wallets, the Mighty Mini Wallet has a compartment for coins!  This one is in the Geared pattern with gears and bees.
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