Petal Moleskine Journal

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Our handmade Moleskine journal covers allow you the flexibility to choose your favorite insert, and the ability to refill them when you run out of space.  The Petal Moleskine Journal has a modern flower and leaf pattern running up the side for just a touch of pattern and color.



Snugly store your beloved Moleskine journal in the Petal Moleskine Journal. Each cover has a snap closure and comes with a blank Moleskine, which is removable so you can refill it when you run out of space.

Each of our Moleskine journal covers starts out as a piece of tooling leather (2/3 ounce) that we cut, brand, paint and dye by hand before applying a protective topcoat to keep it colorfast.  We add the snap closures and stitch the covers together by hand with a waxed nylon thread for durability.

Size Large fits the large hardbound Moleskine (5.5x8) - insert included

Size Small fits the pocket hardbound Moleskine (3.5x5) - insert included

Color: White, silver, light turquoise, pink and antique brown

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