Leaf Ukulele Strap

$ 105.00

I love the look of leaf skeletons in the fall – the delicate veins in the paper-thin leaf, on the verge of disappearing.  The Leaf Ukulele Strap captures the delicate veins with prints from my hand-carved stamp, but because it’s a Moxie & Oliver vegetable tanned leather ukulele strap, these leaf skeletons will last a lifetime!


Our handmade leather ukulele straps start out as a piece of tooling leather that we cut, print using a hand-carved tamp and dye by hand before adding a protective topcoat.  The straps start out a little stiff but soften up quickly and last for a lifetime of use.

This strap measures 2.5" wide and adjusts from 33" to 47".  It has strap pin holes at each end and comes with leather lace to attach it to the head/neck of the instrument if needed.

Colors:  Blue and silver

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Weight .5 lbs

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