Adam Guitar Strap

$ 130.00

Hand carved with a tessellation of leaves, this leather guitar strap in the Adam Pattern is a custom crafted accessory for your favorite instrument.  This handmade leather guitar strap is available in two options to work with acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars, banjos or dobros.  We handcraft each to order, so every one is just a little different, and is an original piece of art.



Our handmade leather guitar straps (they also work with banjos, doboros and basses - see the strap options for more detail) start out as a piece of tooling leather that we cut, carve, brand paint and dye by hand before adding a protective topcoat.  Our leather guitar straps start out a little stiff but soften up quickly and last for a lifetime of use.

This guitar strap measures 2.5" wide

STRAP OPTIONS: See the last photo for the two layouts.
SYMMETRICAL (top): This strap adjustable at both ends. Can be used with banjo, guitar, bass, or dobro. Adjusts from 45-58" and comes with two strap adjusters (both the same length, one for each end).
TRADITIONAL (bottom): This strap is adjustable at one end only, and tapered at one end. This is a traditional style leather guitar strap and works best for guitars. Adjusts from 38" to 52".  Comes with two strap adjusters (one long and one short)

Colors:  Green, yellow and blue

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