Adam Wrist Cuff

$ 38.00

Wear a small bit of your favorite pattern on your wrist with a handmade leather cuff in the Adam pattern.  This cuff has a tessellation of leaves on it in blues and greens to create a stand-out accessory that you will never want to take off.


Each cuff is cut, branded, painted and dyed by hand before a protective coat is applied to keep the leather colorfast and the patterns and colors permanent.

The cuff is a full grain vegetable tanned leather that will soften and shape to your wrist when you wear it. We use a 3/4oz leather for these and they take just a few days to break in and they'll last for years to come.

This cuff adjusts from 6" to 7.5" - best for wrists from about 5.5" to 7.25". It measures 1.5" wide and has a silver buckle closure.

Colors: Yellow, green, turquoise and evening blue


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