Leathercrafted (Book)

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This book, Leathercrafted by Caitlin McNamara Sullivan (that’s me – the lady behind Moxie & Oliver), comes signed by the author!  Complete with full-color photos, original illustrations and ten projects to get you started in leathercraft.

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Leather accessories with a modern twist!

Step aside, traditional tooled leather--there's a new game in town. Caitlin McNamara Sullivan of Moxie and Oliver teaches you how to cut, punch, sew and rivet leather into one-of-a-kind accessories. Start small with a simple keychain, then build up to a belt, a wallet, phone case, messenger bag, and more!

Along the way, you'll learn the secrets behind the bold, decorative designs that give these pieces their modern edge. With a focus on trendy embellishments and detailed instructions to keep you on track, LeatherCrafted is your guide to creating fashionable leather accessories--one project at a time!

Written by Caitlin McNamara Sullivan

ISBN-10: 1440241678

ISBN-13: 978-1440241673

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