Poppy Garden Glass Flask

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Suitable for carrying and storing your drink of choice, our vintage-styled handmade leather wrapped glass flasks are an artful addition to your bar.  The Popppy Garden Glass Flask comes in two sizes and has a poppy pattern on the outside. The glass bottle is removable for easy cleaning.



Our glass-wrapped flasks bring back the vintage style and combine it with original Moxie & Oliver artwork.   Each flask has a removable leather sleeve with one of our original patterns, covering a glass flask with metal lid.  The leather both protects the glass and lends it a beautiful style.

For the leather wrap we start with a 3/4oz tooling leather, then cut, brand, paint and dye it before adding a protective topcoat to keep it colorfast (even safe from spills).  Because the flask itself is glass, this is suitable for both transporting and storing liquids of all types in.

Available in 200ml and 375ml sizes (shown in375ml)

Color: Yellow, orange, pink and antique mahogany

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