Poppy Garden Mandolin Strap

$ 85.00

With an instrument as lively as the mandolin, your instrument strap should have just as much life and personality.  The Poppy Garden Mandolin Strap has soft stylized poppies on it in warm colors.



Our mandolin straps are thinner than our other instrument straps, to stay consistent with the traditional mandolin strap style, but they are filled with pattern and personality!

This strap measures 1" wide and comes in your choice of fixed length or adjustable (35 to 47 inches).  All straps work with F and A style mandolins.

I start with a thick tooling leather and cut, brand, paint and dye it before applying a protective finish. Because I use a thick tooling leather, the strap will start out a little stiff but will soften up quickly and will last a lifetime. It will also maintain it's shape without the continual stretch of some thinner leather straps. It's fitted with strap pin holes at each end, and comes with a leather lace to tie it to the head of the instrument (for use with A-style mandolins or mandolins with only one strap pin).

Color: Yellow, orange, pink, white, turquoise and antique mahogany


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