Seeds Mighty Fold Wallet

$ 83.00

Have you ever wanted a folding wallet that fit in any of your pockets?  I designed the Mighty Fold style wallet to fit in a front pocket, back pocket, or jacket pocket and to have the style of a traditional bifold wallet.   The Seeds Mighty Fold Wallet has dandelion seeds floating into a flower garden in full bloom.  It is inspired by the Mexican Proverb, “they tried to bury us, they didn’t know we were seeds.”


The Mighty Fold Wallet is a slim front pocket wallet that fits easily in any pocket and gives you that satisfying feeling of being able to flip your wallet open. This wallet measures just slightly larger than a a folded bill - approximately 4.5" by 3.5" - and has two slots on each side to keep cards in, plus space behind each for additional cards or currency.

This wallet is a Moxie and Oliver original and started as a piece of full-grain vegetable tanned leather that was cut, branded and dyed by hand in our studio. The wallet was then covered with a a protective coat and stitched by hand with a waxed thread.

Colors: White, yellow, brown, orange, green, turquoise and antique brown

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Weight .3 lbs

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