Scarlet Camera Strap

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When I was a teenager I was rarely seen without a 35mm camera slung around my neck.  And where a photographer’s favorite piece of equipment is the camera, the photographer’s favorite accessory is (or should be!) a great camera strap.  Because each Moxie & Oliver camera strap is handmade from full-grain vegetable tanned leather, they will soften as they age and last a lifetime.  This one is in the Scarlet pattern with a southwest inspired cow skull and flowers.

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The leather for this strap starts as a medium weight piece of tooling leather that is cut, carved, painted and dyed by hand before a protective coat is applied. The strap measures approximately 2" wide in the center and 3/8" at the ends where it attaches to the camera body. Each end attaches to the camera and adjusts by small silver buckles.


Colors:  White, yellow, coral, green, black and antique brown

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