Triangle Coin Pouch Kit

$ 6.00

Add your artwork or your child’s to this classic DIY Leather Triangle Coin Pouch!  This pouch measures about 3″ on each side and unsnaps completely so that you can decorate it while flat.  This project can be completed by any age child that can hold and maneuver a pen or paintbrush.  A great little project for kids birthday parties!


The Triangle Coin Pouch Kit is a great small project for kids and adults!  The pouch is a traditional leatherwork piece and measures about 3" on each side when folded.  The pouches unfold completely so you can add pattern and color easily, then snap them right up when you are done!  These can be completed with small children - any age that can hold a pen or a paint brush can decorate this piece!

You can add color and pattern to this kit using paints, traditional leathercraft tools, pyrography, permanent markers, dyes and even stamps (with permanent ink. You can even leave it raw and let the vegetable tanned leather age and develop it's own patina. The possibilities are endless!

Handmade the USA, in our Seattle studio.

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