Seattle’s Most Charming Airbnb

Well, friends, it's been an embarassingly long time since I've last written anything here.  I like to think that I have good reason, but still, it's been over 18 months.

Sometime last year we began the process of moving the Moxie & Oliver studio to a new space about 20 mintues north, and about two-and-a-half times the size. And everything you'd expect for moving into a newly-remodeled space happened:  it was over-budget and behind schedule.  This, of course, put us in a little bit of a squeeze when reimagining the old studio space: as Seattle's most charming vacation rental!

That's right! You can now stay in the old Moxie & Oliver studio in North Seattle. 

The living room still shows the shadows of where my work-desk sat, and we kept the tall set of organizational drawers, complete with little labels of what they used to hold.

Our shipping and storage room (also the room where both my kids took their naps when they came to the studio as infants) has been transformed into a cozy bedroom, complete with blackout curtains and a smart TV.

There is also a full kitchen, complete with a charming retro-styled fridge.  We included all the kitchen essentials so you can make yourself at home instantly.

I'm sure I hold a little bias, since this sweet studio was my home-away-from-home for seven years, but I am pretty sure that the old Moxie & Oliver Studio is the cutest airbnb in Seattle!


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  1. Having ordered wallets and card holders over the years, I love seeing where everything takes place. I use my Moxie and Oliver purchases daily. As I remove them from my pocket, I sometimes think
    “Wonder what Caitlyn is doing at this moment.”

    For the useful and attractive additions to my life, I thank you.

  2. As of today I am the excited and proud owner of not just one, but THREE Moxie & Oliver guitar straps.
    Two, were purchases of inspiration after looking through the many designs but the third was the go-to reason for ordering to begin with.

    We lost my mom this year to health complications that come with dementia. When I was growing up, Mom had a huge collection of elephants throughout our house. Somehow she managed to keep them from overwhelming the rooms but if you looked, you’d find a few.
    Mom had always encouraged my artwork and music over the years and had bought me a guitar one Christmas when I was 19 or so. Over 40 years later I had decided to pick up playing again and discovered the old guitar buzzed and rattled and had cracks. In short, I had to replace it and this year I replaced it with a beautiful 12 string Taylor guitar, another gift from Mom through my inheritance. I wanted to honor her with one of your Elephant themed straps to remember her by and I have done something I’ve never done before, out of some 13 instruments that I own, this is the first time I’ve named one. Muriel will be with me for my lifetime.

    Thank you for your great work!


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