Is the secret a custom ukulele strap?

Is the secret to getting my daughter to practice ukulele a custom ukulele strap?

I remember my parents fighting my little brother, tooth and nail, to get him to practice piano.  He hated it.  I never understood why they didn't just give up and let him quit.  Honestly, if your kid isn't interested in piano, why force them to play? But now he seems to be able to pick up any instrument and make music.  Not that he does.  And I am fighting the same battle with my daughter.  She says she loves ukulele, but the little social butterfly that she is, she says she only likes playing ukulele with her teacher.  And I understand, I suppose, since her teacher is pretty great.

So as I'm contemplating what to make her for Christmas, I'm wondering if maybe the secret to getting this little pixie to practice more is to make her a custom ukulele strap.  She's got her sights set on my new deer backpack so maybe something in that pattern would encourage her to pick up her ukulele and walk around the house, serenading us with her holiday tunes.  She did play my husband "happy birthday" on his birthday, which I have to say was the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Now I have to go cook these little joys dinner, so I'll leave you with these custom ukulele straps that I've made over the last few months.  It's hard to choose a favorite, but I'm kind of fond of that owl...


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