What Style of Wallet Should I Buy My Husband? (Boyfriend, Father, Brother, etc.,)

I've amassed a lot of knowledge about a subject I never intended to know anything about: Men's Wallets.  More specifically, this knowledge is focused around gifting wallets to men.  After thirteen years of helping wives, girlfriends, daughters, and friends buy wallets for the men in their lives, I've noticed that most of them have no clue how to buy a wallet for a man.

When a woman buys herself a wallet (because, let's be honest, when was the last time a woman ever got a wallet as a gift? Especially one that she didn't specifically ask for?) there are several considerations.  First, do I like the style?  Second, will it fit/organize everything I need? And third, will it fit in my purse?  Most women have accessories inside accessories - women's wallets are designed to be stylish and fit in a purse, but generally not in a pocket.  Men's wallets, on the other hand, have to fit in the pocket.  And they have to be comfortable.

Since a wallet is often the only "accessory" a man carries, it needs to be perfect.  So when women ask me what style of wallet is most popular, or will best fit an inscription they want, a little alarm bell goes off.  When you're looking for a wallet for a man, the best style of wallet to buy for him is the style that is most similar to the one that he already has (unless, of course, he's complaining about this style -- it's too thick, it's too small, etc, in which case, take into account those complaints and adjust accordingly).  Why? Because this is the style he's chosen for himself. It's the style he's uses to using, and in the absence of complaints, it's probably the style he likes. It will be easier to sell him on a wallet that feels like the comfortable, old, broken in one that he loves than to ask him to make a change to something revolutionary.

Because of this preference for like-kind, we've had a lot of requests for custom wallets for men.  I've been collecting photos of some we have done over the last few months and finally decided to show them all in one post.  This is just a sampling of the options - since we make each wallet from start to finish in our studio, the possibilities are really endless...





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