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The Oklahoma Guitar Strap + Shackles of a Sketch

Some months ago I got a request for a custom Oklahoma-themed guitar strap.   The request started with the Oklahoma State Flag (which, I admit, I didn't look that closely at before I said I could put it on the strap, and it turned out to be much more complicated than I initially anticipated) and...
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Guitar Strap Purse Straps

In the last few months I've had several requests for guitar strap purse straps - apparently this is the newest trend that I'm totally unaware of? Trust me, there's always a trend that I'm totally unaware of.  That's what happens when you spend all your time in your studio making things, and outside of studio time...
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Artist’s Work-Life Balance

At the end of the summer our nanny left.  She found a full-time job teaching in a school nearby, and with my son starting preschool, we had a really hard time find a part-part-time caregiver for our kids.  My mother, in one of her bouts of infinite wisdom, suggested that I just take care of...
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