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Custom Guitar Strap Round-Up

This holiday season was insane.  Can you tell by my silence? We shipped almost 500 pieces between Thanksgiving and Christmas and almost all of them were made to order. And a substantial number of them were guitar straps.  If I had to estimate, I would say fully half of the pieces we shipped were custom guitar straps....
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No More Craft Shows (+ Custom Guitar Straps)

You know last year how I said that there were big changes that would impact my year-end inventory and year-end sale this year?  I was telling the truth. In 2015 I did 12 craft shows. In 2016 I did six, and there are no more on the list for the rest of the year. I have...
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Three Custom Guitar Straps

So I started at the Pike Place Market this week.  It is wild - selling at the biggest tourist attraction in the city.  It's a place that, as a local, I've never really found that fascinating. But once I started looking at it from a historical and outsider perspective, it's really quite incredible. I'll post more...
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