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Three Custom Guitar Straps

So I started at the Pike Place Market this week.  It is wild - selling at the biggest tourist attraction in the city.  It's a place that, as a local, I've never really found that fascinating. But once I started looking at it from a historical and outsider perspective, it's really quite incredible. I'll post more...
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Enter to Win $100 Gift Certificate

So about that "out of my mind and into my life" thing that I posted yesterday on Instagram.   There's another, bigger, project that has been tormenting me and I needed to share it.  On Sunday, I finally did. That project is a Kickstarter Campaign to fund more Leathercraft DIY Kits.  I started my business,...
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Defining Handmade: Craft Shows

The issue of how one defines "Handmade" or, and here's the bigger challenge, "Craft" is something that has been bothering me for most of 2015.   It's a term that is at the center of my business, one that I come face-to-face with every time I do a [craft/handmade/art...???] show, and every time I list a...
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Moxie & Oliver’s “Smokey” Pattern Being Made!

I'm often asked about the font in my Smokey pattern - can I make it bigger? Are there other fonts available?  Do you have other stamps? Can I show a mock-up before doing the inscription?

I would say most people assume that the "Smokey" pieces are done on the computer and then laser-engraved on the leather.  Some people assume I'm using stamps.  But, very few people actually know what I really do, so I want to share it with you.

Here's a video of one of my Smokey Guitar Straps being made.  This is the first video that I have made, all by myself.  A student asked me a month or so ago to make one, and I bellyached about who could film me, how I could get it made, etc., before finally deciding - I have a smartphone and a smartbrain, and I think I can figure out a way to do this myself.

And I'll tell you what - it feels so much better to do this myself than to have someone else doing it for me.  That way, next time someone asks for a video instead of thinking to myself that "I can't do that" I can proudly say "I CAN!"