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Kids Leathercraft Projects – Think Mother’s Day & Father’s Day!

I've been meaning to post these for solidly three months now, but with an ever growing batch of photos to process and items to post and ship, and all those other things that the multi-hat-wearer small business owner does, it just kept getting pushed down. In my three days between our order ship deadline and Christmas,...
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Enter to Win $100 Gift Certificate

So about that "out of my mind and into my life" thing that I posted yesterday on Instagram.   There's another, bigger, project that has been tormenting me and I needed to share it.  On Sunday, I finally did. That project is a Kickstarter Campaign to fund more Leathercraft DIY Kits.  I started my business,...
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A DIY Day at the Studio

My brother made a rare visit to Seattle this weekend.  He was born and raised here, as I was, and he says he loves it here, but let's be honest - NYC is not that close, and it's hard to come back for a weekend visit when it takes you a day to...

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